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Donation Information

歡迎個人、教會對本刊的奉獻,爲本刊的奉獻均可免稅,奉獻支票請寫 CCM (或寫 Chinese Christian Mission), 請将支票寄到以下地址,謝謝!

      CCM   C/O  Benjamin He

       801 E Golfview Dr.

       Mount Prospect  IL 60056   


您也可以用 zelle

轉賬:銀行 Bank of America   

機構名稱 Chinese Christian Mission, Inc.  連接電話 312-483-9409

請您奉獻之後,發一個電子郵件至, 告知您的奉獻金頟和地址,謝謝!

We welcome both personal and/or church offerings; your offerings are tax exempt. 

If you wish to donate using a check, please write the title as CCM (or Chinese Christian Mission) and mail the check to the following address:

CCM   C/O Benjamin He

801 E Golfview Dr.

Mount Prospect   IL60056 


You can also donate through zelle

Name of the Bank: Bank of America.

Name of the organization: Chinese Christian Mission, Inc.

Related phone number: 312-483-9409.

After you transfer through zelle, please send an email to and tell us your address and offering amount.

Many thanks!